Burrito Salad Bowl

‘no tortilla’


I have been craving salads lately. I love a variety of salads.  They don’t necessarily have to be just lettuce, cucumbers & tomatoes.  That can get boring.

This Burrito Salad Bowl was so good and you can get a crunch by adding some pecans or your favorite kind of nuts. I mean really..lets be creative!  It’s all about your taste and preference.

Ingredients for the SALAD:

—Bag of frozen corn 🌽

—Bag of mini sweet peppers 🌶  (add lots of color)

—green & red onions

—black olives

—can of black beans

—fresh mushrooms 🍄

—bell peppers 🌶

—mini salad tomatoes 🍅

—romaine lettuce ( get your greens)

—avocado 🥑  (superfood)

—your choice (vegan or not)    I used Tahini (vegan)


Cook the corn.  Stovetop or steam

Rinse black beans

Wash and Dice all veggies.  I even chopped my lettuce.  After dicing, preparing corn & beans, arrange your desired amount on a plate. Add avocado and favorite nuts if you want.


Thanks for spending time!



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