‘Jump’ into Fall


Tired of putting your clothes up for the season.  Who doesn’t wish to wear their clothes year round.  Rotation is key today.  Clothes can be styled so many ways.  We all want to be on point with our style no matter your age.

Jumpers to me are the longer version of rompers.  At first, I wasn’t a fan.  I thought they made me look like a butterball.  Some of you know what I’m talking about..for real.






Now, they’re a staple piece in my closet.  I can say I’m a fan.  You have to try on a few styles to get the one that fits your body the best.  They’re quick, easy and can simplify your life.  I could have one in  all colors, patterns and styles from long sleeve, strapless, straight leg, wide leg and I could go on and on.  They are easy to layer with a sweater, cardigan, blazer or scarf.  You can dress up or down.

The older we get, sometimes simple is the best look.

Thanks for spending time!!😉

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