Lipgloss Neutrals

As little girls, we watched our mothers dazzle their lips and we want to wear their lipsticks.  I don’t know about you, but I loved lipgloss as a teenager.  The ROLL-ONS were the best with all the different sweet flavors from cherry, strawberry, watermelon and I could go on and on.  Who remembers what I’m talking about? 🙌🏾🙌🏾


Most women have their favorite lipsticks, lipgloss or lip balm.  I love waiting for the holiday collections of the lip glosses to arrive.  MAC is one of my favorite places to get awesome lipgloss shades throughout the year.  Neutrals are my favorite.

This holiday season, they had 3 different sets to choose from.  All consisted of 3 shades in each.  I chose the neutral selection.  I know there is more to come.


There are so many awesome colors out and there is a shade for everyone.  I consider neutrals go well with my under tones.  I was told a long time ago be aware of your undertones.  Maybe not as cautious as I am. 😂


The 3 colors have the perfect name for the season.

  1. below freezing
  2. winter warmer
  3. iced over




This set would be an awesome christmas or stocking stuffer.  The package is a cute GOLD bag that is perfect for carrying your glosses and fits just right in your purse.

I also included one of MAC’s year round shades ‘NYMPHETTE’ which means an attractive and sexually mature young woman.  It may look similar to the other 3 shades but it’s different.  Trust me.  If you are not daring with bold lip color, this set would be perfect.



Eventually branching out to a shade that’s more sassy is in my future. I’m thinking a pale orange color something for the ‘fall’. I mean, I’ve branched out with the nail color. Why not brighten the lips?  If anyone can recommend their favorite shade, I’m open to suggestions to try.


Thanks for spending time!

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