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There are a lot of women fashion blogging going on.

On another note, I’m all over a casual look for men. Someone told me in the past that simple is sometimes best.


Hubby and I were heading to Birmingham to visit friends.  I told him I liked his casual look.  This simple casual look on hubby is one of my favorite looks.  I decided to share.  Men like to receive compliments just as much as women do.  

Don’t be fooled, a man in uniform or a tailored suit is great too.
Casual styles for men don’t have to be bland but can be hip and fashionable too.


Styles change so much and can get expensive but a simple casual look will never go out of style.
He can throw on his favorite pair of jeans, cardigan and converse. Shoot, that’s all he needs for a great handsome outfit.  The sweater cardigan is a modern must-have and makes him always winter ready.


Most men just want to look well-dressed and to look good in what they wear.  Most men have a few pair of jeans and shirts in their wardrobe.  A pair of dark wash jeans and light colors are a staple.


To be well-dressed on the casual spectrum, just have a few pair of well-fitted jeans, walking shoes and a sweater cardigan.  Keeping it simple.

Thanks for spending time.

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