Fly Away in Bell Sleeves

I REALLY can’t say I have a favorite bell sleeve top.  I decided to share this one.  


I decided to pair it with some boot-cut pants. I think having a solid color on the bottom with the bell sleeve looks better on me.

I am so ready for spring. It seems that warmer temperatures bring on a lot of happy people. We all need that famous Vitamin D which is know as the happy pill.

Speaking of happy. It seems that bell sleeves make me happy this season. They are really trendy today. I don’t really follow trends that much but this trend I’m all over. I didn’t think I would like the sleeves on me at first. They are really fun to wear. They have become one of my obsessions. When I wear bell sleeves, I feel like I can fly away. I know that may sound silly.  I always say that when you look in the mirror and smile because you like what you see, then go for it.  I noticed when I photo in bell sleeves, I hold my arms out.  Unsure, why that is. It make me 😂 laugh.  We all have that one thing we do when we wear certain things.




The bell sleeve blouse can be dressed up or down. Trust me, it can change the entire look of your outfit. Jazzy, Sassy & flattering you will be.

Have you added your bell sleeves to your wardrobe this season?  Relax and close your eyes and dream of your bell sleeve top.


I’m sharing some great bell sleeves for you. I could purchase them all.
Happy shopping. Just click on the picture.  Let me know your favorite.

Thanks so much for spending time!

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