Accessories on REPEAT Random thought #2


Your accessories can make you feel more confident and put together.

I was getting dressed this morning and I noticed that I tend to gravitate towards the same accessories to wear daily. My necklaces from  Silpada jewelry , Apple watch ,  David Yurman bracelet and don’t forget my favorite bracelets for my right arm from Jwhitenerboutique . Is it an age thing or what? Something that makes you say, huh 🤔


I am a jewelry fan and love to accessorize but I’m getting to the stage of my life that things need to be simple and easy. You like what you like and if it makes you feel good, I figure it’s okay.

Thinking back, I had so much costume jewelry probably from every department store. Who fall into that category?


I think it’s time to get a little lighter and purge more accessories.  They should be someone else’s treasures.

Let me know if you follow the trend by changing jewelry with every outfit or do you tend to choose the same pieces on repeat constantly?

Random Thought #2

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