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Saturday was a great day. Have you ever decided to do something drastic at the spur of the moment. Well, Saturday morning I decided I needed a haircut. Natural hair can sometimes be very tiresome and hard to manage. I’m sure my other natural sistas out there and agree with me

I googled Natural Hair salons in my area and thank goodness the first one ended up being a very good choice Divine Inspirations.

I was a little nervous at first. Someone new cutting your hair can be scary. You’re praying deep down inside they do a fabulous job.  You’re hoping to leave with that look you desire others to ask ‘who cut your hair’. Victoria gave me the perfect experience.  The shampooing was fabulous, her smile was welcoming and the atmosphere was sweet and charming.  When you leave, there is a framed signed above the door ‘you look amazing’ and to top things off there is a selfie wall.  It’s all in the little details.  #thelittlethings



She has me as a customer for life.  I’ve found my hairstylist‼️😍


If you live in the Huntsville area or surrounding cites, please give Victoria
@ Divine Inspirations a call. I promise you will not be disappointed. I give it a 10 out of 10.  All the Reviews are that as well.  If you go by, tell Victoria Arica sent you.

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Thanks for spending time!

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