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Blogging has inspired me to write more than I’ve ever done before.  Shoot, what am I talking about. I have never really written and shared with others.  Let’s be real, I don’t consider myself a writer at all.  Putting it out there for others to read is scary.  Learning to take criticism and use it as an opportunity to be better, know better and do better is a good thing.  Not wearing your feelings on your sleeve is a work in progress for me.


I have a few followers that are new to @simplyarica

I haven’t really shared much about myself. since embarking on this blogging journey about 9 months ago.   I figured this would be something fun to do.


Sharing 13 quick things about me.

  1. I’m in only child.  #46yearsold
  2. I like to be different
    • notice I’m sharing 13 things not the usual 10
  3. I love to have girl time with my friends, taking pictures, laughing, and creating memories.  #lovemygirls
  4. I enjoy entertaining.  cookouts, fish fries, etc
    • The food doesn’t have to be expensive but must be on a pretty platter.      #allabout-the-presentation
  5. I have three children but really wanted about six.  Call me crazy.  God knows best.  #threeisenough
  6. I sometimes sweat the small stuff  #aworkinprogress 
  7. I’ve been following the vegan life style for about 4 years now. #notsimple
  8. I started blogging on a whim.
  9. I can watch Hallmark movies all day..back to back and back again
    • I know they all end the same.  FALL IN LOVE. #sappylikethat
  10. I’m a meal prep king of girl.  Having my food ready when it’s time to eat makes like easy
    • No a daily cooking. #frownuponthat
  11. I have a problem with saying no
    • If I can be of help, I will put my things on the back burner because I like to make others happy and helping out. #workingonsayingno
  12. One of my favorite things to do is hang out in my robe when there is nothing to do.
    • After work, I’m in it immediately.  No leggings or lounge wear for me.  The robe touching my skin is a feeling I can’t describe 🤣  Wave your hands if you’re with me. Those that really know me, know that I’m telling the truth. #robeisamust
  13. I wish I was a personal shopper as a full-time job.
    • I’m all about finding bargains for others.  #wxillshareagoodsale



Thanks for reading and spending time with @simplyarica

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2 thoughts on “Sharing #somethingfun

  1. Hello Arica, I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you. To see you sharing information about yourself, looking at things in another way and the different things you enjoy is great. Keep up the good work blogging and all your dreams will come true. Your friend VTH!

    Have a great day!

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