Wear your Jumpsuit

It’s time for us as women to start feeling good about ourselves and to stop having low self-esteem of our looks.  We should learn to dress our truth.  If you like it and can smile when you look in the mirror, you’re good to go.  We should start giving ourselves compliments first.  Say, “girl you sure look good today”.  That may sound silly but a friend of mind told be to give it a try.  She says it can change your mood.


There are so many trends out right now.  A trend that’s jumpin now is the jumpsuit trend.  Who doesn’t love to be comfortable and stylish all at the sometime?  I could literally live in a jumpsuit.  It can be relaxed or dressed up.  I use to be afraid to wear a jumpsuits.  I didn’t think they fit my body type and showed to much of things I wanted to hide.

I found that there are so many undergarments out there that can make our clothes fit so much better.  We as women feel there are certain body flaws that we wish would go away.  Those SPANX and HIGH POWER BRIEF are just some help that has been designed to cover up those flaws.

When you really think about it, there’s not a lot of planning with a jumpsuit.  It’s one piece and go.  Two pieces if you include a jacket, shrug, kimono or shawl.  It’s nice to be able to wear your clothing in or away from the office.  In my opinion, fashion should be fashionable, fun and lets not leave out versatile.


This jumper is my great Target find.  I figure adding this light cardigan would be great for a work day.  If you work is casual, why not take advantage wearing your jumpsuit?



Making a sleeveless jumpsuit suitable for a dressy office look is ideal.  You can’t go wrong with anything black & white.  Long cardigans are a great stable piece for the wardrobe.  It’s a perfect addition to a sleeveless jumpsuit that is fitted.   It is great by itself for date night or girl’s night out.  This long cardigan did the trick for work.


Now, lets have some fun because adding come color to a solid jumper can be playful.  Fashion is all about taking changes, playing with colors & patterns and most of all you should feel good in what you are wearing.  This smocked wide leg jumpsuit with added color  with this kimono and some wedges made the outfit complete.

 A jumpsuit is very convenient.  Are they a staple in your wardrobe?

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