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Sometimes just a minor tweak to your outfit will create an entirely different look. Who can afford to purchase clothes for every occasion. Today, everything is so darn expensive; therefore, having outfits you can wear for play and work with just a minor adjustment can make a world of difference. It is also easy on the wallet. Just saying…


This jumpsuit ties in the back with a cute opening. I figure since my job is super casual, this jumpsuit would also be perfect for work. It ties in the back with a opening. The bulkiness in the back once tied is not an attractive look when you put on a cardigan.  Playing around a bit trying to figure out what to do to make it appropriate for work, I decided to tie in the front giving the bow tie look.  A little hesitation at first but what the heck, go with it.  This blogger Eye4StyleNyc decided to add a belt to her jumpsuit for a different look. This lace & ruffle jumpsuit from Macy’s is made perfect for a wedding.  If you have a jumper and a Lace BodySuit  laying around, you could totally rock this.

Who doesn’t like to add a different sauce, garlic parmesan or sweet general tso to their food for a better taste. The bow tie is  the general tso sauce to this jumpsuit.  It made the look a little sweeter.  I don’t know if that was the perfect analogy but hope you get what I’m saying.

When shopping, now I look at ways an outfit or at a minimum a jumper can be tweaked for work and play.





What is some sweet General Tso sauce you add to an outfit to give it a different flavor?

Thanks for reading and spending time‼️


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