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Skincare skincare skincare. That wasn’t something really talked about in my house while growing up. As I got older in my mid 30’s, I felt that skincare should become a part of my daily regimen. I saw my skin changing which was kind of weird. I tried several skincare products and was introduced to anti-aging skincare products. When I heard the words anti-aging, the immediate thought was “OLD”. I quickly begin to research and acquire knowledge.
When Saranghae approached me about trying their anti-aging skincare, I was immediately intrigued. The answer was yes yes Yes‼️ I did a little research and the reviews mentioned it was for every skin type ranging from SENSITIVE, DRY, NORMAL or OILY.  In my opinion, I am a combination.  

I promised a review on my Saranghae experience so here it goes.  As I mentioned, I have been using anti-aging products already.  It’s been 30 days and I am so pleased with Saranghae Skin Care Five Step Anti-Aging Routine.  It is an award winning Korean 5 step Anti-Aging skin care routine that does your skin wonders.  You will say thank you to yourself after you see the results.  Your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated.  This product was sent to me for a review only.


  • It didn’t take much.  I still have enough left to last me another 30 days.  It was soft that I had anticipated and learning that it’s an oil based cleanser explains it all.




  • It didn’t leave my face sticky.  I have tried other serums and my face had that tacky feeling.  Some ingredients are mushroom & carrot root extract.  My skin was thanking me.  Since I’m a vegan, to know that these ingredients are in the products was extra special.

Firm & Lift Rejuvenated Cream:

  • Awesomeness in a cute jar.  Nothing else needed to say about this product.  Moisturizing and my skin is so soft.


Renewal Eye Cream:

  • I figured, I would use but probably not notice a difference.  I was wrong.  I definitely notice the darkness under my eyes fading away.  I will continue to use and again still have plenty product left toast me another 30 days.

Essence Mask:

  • To be honest, I didn’t use the mask.  I know it is needed.  I will definitely do a review on this product later.

                               BEFORE                                                                AFTER

If you have never used Anti-Aging skincare before, please give Saranghae a try.  No regrets my way.

Researching further, I discovered that Saranghae principle belief

“Love the world, love one another and most of all love yourself” – Lee Myeong Jo

We all should all learn to invest in ourselves.  If we can spend $100 on a pair of gorgeous heels, we should spend $100 on our face. We only get one face.


Thanks so much Saranghae for sponsoring this post.  This review is my own opinion of the Anti-Aging skincare routine.  

Thanks for reading and spending time‼️


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