Weekend #33

Hello Friends!!  Weekend #33 was another doozy.


The work week was short.  It ended on Wednesday and I headed to Atlanta the next morning.  My hope was to get my father settled in in two business days.  I knew I would be a busy bee.  I was dreading the ATL traffic and was hoping it didn’t slow my progress.  To my surprise, I finished Thursday afternoon around 5:00pm.  I contemplated hanging out in downtown Atlanta until the work traffic slowed down.  That’s a joke because traffic never slows down in the ATL.  It took me 2 hours to get to my mom’s house whereas it should have taken me 35 minutes. I think I will stay in Alabama.  The Atlanta traffic gives me a serious attitude and makes me grumpy.

Seeing my mom and stepdad’s was a big energy boost.

Friday was another day of hitting the pavement hard.   Really, Thursday was the prerequisite for Friday.  Two business days was definitely a good decision.  I decided to finish up at 4:30pm and the travel time was much better.  I was even in a good mood to have a Mango Margarita and listen to live music at Don Tellos with my friend “Ms. Gucci” as my kids call her.


Up early Saturday morning around 5:30am heading back to Huntsville to hang with my Sorors, the ladies of Rho Chi Omega.  It was such a fun and educational Saturday afternoon. I was tired of driving but when I saw my beautiful sisters, I suddenly had the motivation to push forward.  The genuine smiles, hugs and encouragement you receive is just a few perks of an amazing sisterhood.

Sunday was a day of relaxing and spending time with my daughter.  You know Target is a must stop.


I can say another busy but awesome weekend.









Walking into good health.


Share your weekend!

Thanks for reading and spending time‼️

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