As we get older, we tend to worry more and more. Worrying is a feeling of uneasiness that causes anxiety. People can say they don’t worry but that’s not at all the case. We all tend to worry about something on a daily basis. That’s just life.

While in church this past Sunday, the topic was life struggles.  I got to really thinking.  I’ve been told on several occasions that I’m such a worrier.  “Arica, everything doesn’t have to be perfect”, my husband says to me often.  I truly didn’t realize that was the case for me.  Trying to make sure everything is perfect that is.   Right now, I’m worrying about if I should really post this blog because I’m probably just blabbing.   I know everything can’t be perfect.  My goal at this very moment is to just type what is on my mind.  I hope you enjoy.  Not everyone will like this blog.  I must remember, that’s just life.

Not only do I worry about my blog on a daily bases but there are 5 “Just Life” topics that I know we all worry about. If you don’t, I know I do.  Worrying is a way of life but learning how to have control is the key.  At least that is what I’ve been told. 🧐. Remember, it’s just life.

I’m not going to reference everyone, so as my pastor sometimes says, “I’m just talking about me right now. 

5 “It’s Just Life” topics:

    • Are we doing this parenting thing right
    • Are we disciplining too harsh
    • Are we not disciplining harsh enough
    • Should we give healthier foods or just them go for it.
    • Are we spoiling too much
    • Should we be spoiling more
      • All these things come to my mind because I said as a child, my kids will have a voice and be allowed to express themselves.  Nowadays, kids have too much expression and not enough respect.  So, I guess time will only tell if this parenting thing worked out like Virgil and I had planned or at least a little inkling of how we wanted it to.
    • Watching our kids get older can make us happy and sad at the same time
    • Not being needed as much
      • These 2 things are at the top of my list.  Not being needed can be difficult because moms are always needed.  When you child looks at you and says, “Mom and dad I got this”, “Let me learn from my mistakes” or You don’t have to come to my game and watch.  We can choose to accept the change or sit on the floor in a corner and cry like a baby.
    • Body starts to ache in places we never knew we had.
    • Tend to give out of breathe just walking up a flight of stairs.
    • Naps are now a nesscessity just to attend the 8PM comedy show on a Saturday night with friends or a date night with hubby.
    • Just sitting in total silence is now a thing
      • In our younger days, catching the elevator was for the older people.  Now we are the older people.  WOW!!!  Time is passing and learning to savor the moments is crucial.  Falling asleep on your date night with hubby is just plan sad or when your friend look across the table at you and your eyes are closed and your mouth is wide open. I’m telling you, that’s probably the best sleep ever. When you come home and the house is empty, that BIG smile starts to appear and you say to yourself YESSSS!
    • Finding that special person to vent to in the time of need
    • Trusting that person to keep your secrets
    • Knowing and believing that person to be genuine and not judgmental
      • When you find that special friend, I will go out on a limb to say you will know it.  not only having friends but learning to be a friend in the process.  Just like marriage, friendship is an institution as well.  Friendship requires patience and compromise.
    • Learning to compromise
    • Learning to say yes more often
      • Compromise can be hard because we all want our way.  Learning to implement the word yes can be difficult as well as it can make life a little bit easier too.   That is often not thought about at the moment.

We must learn to get out of our own way. We must be strong and stop wrestling with ourselves.  It can be like a tug-a-war.  Who will win?  Learn to keep the mindset, “It’s Just Life”.  Learning to accept life changes and grow within them, there would be no tug-a-war amongst ourselves.

It’s Just Life…..

Thanks for reading and spending time‼️

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