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Impact Thursday


As I sit here and think about all the wonderful people that are in my life, it makes me smile.

Being an only child growing up, was a bit boring at times. Coming home after school to an empty house because parents were working, was quiet and could be lonely.  As a teen growing up, I’ve always wanted to have a sister.  Now, as an adult, God has blessed me to have such an abundance of good people in my life.  I want them to know that I don’t take them or their friendship for granted.

We often don’t tell our friends and family how much they have impacted our lives while they are hear to receive.

This blog is a Friendship Series that’s been on my heart to do for a while now.  I felt led to recognize some important family and friends that are important to me and have a major impact in my life today.  I want to share them with you because they are all that freakin special!

Valerie & Melinda  


Lets start with Val.  We have been friends for 29 years. We met the summer in 1990.  I came home from finishing my first year of college to work for the summer at TJ  Maxx.  She was 17 and I was 18.


 We hit it off immediately.  I knew she really wanted to be my friend.  Y’all no I’m joking but deep down I know she did. 🤣 We had the shopping thang down to a science.  Of course, we shopped at work while we worked, hid it and did our purchasing on our breaks.  Lets not forget about wearing the new outfit the next day to work.  I’m laughing as I think about that.  I would hide everything in my car because I didn’t want to hear my mom’s mouth when I got home.  Arica, why did you buy something else?  I would often have no answer just stared.  I now can honestly say, I probably bought something new almost daily.  No judging.  We both did.


Valerie was a bridesmaid in my wedding in 1994.  I remember all the bridesmaids needing to have their skirts altered.  Well, Val was the smallest and she needed a size 2 altered.  We were all like really, Val.  We had and still continue to have some goods.  Valerie as been there for me through all my small home-based  businesses.  She has purchased and tried every product I have sold from skincare, expensive jewelry to health & wellness products.  She’s very TRUSTING!  Thank the Lord she didn’t breakout or have some type of allergic reaction.  Val, if you’re reading this blog, I want you to know you are the little sister I never had.  You know MOST of my deepest secrets.  Our friendship is not just a friendship but we are sisters.  This best friend video is sort of cheesy but wanted to share.  I am now living in Alabama and I know at times it seems like I’m too busy but I want you to know that I will stop whatever I am doing for you.  This is your recognition Thursday.   Love you!


Melinda is not only my sister-in-law but a friend as well.  I remember meeting her for the first time summer 1990.  yes, s I also met my boyfriend, now my husband, that summer at TJ Maxx with Val.   Okay, getting back to Melinda.  She was a skinny minnie, I must say.  She ate so much bread and was so freakin small.  I remember her loving some yeast rolls.   She would get all her bread before her meal.  All I could think about is, how does she do that.  I was so weight conscious and still is to this day.  If you know me today, you know me. That’s all I’m saying about that subject.


I remember just wanted Melinda to like me because I really really like her brother. From my recollection, we hit it off immediately.  She was in college also and my boyfriend / husband gave her such a hard time about not being on the 5 or 6 year college plan.  Melinda, I was always on your side. It was so exhausting to listen to him badger you.

I want Melinda to know she has been an inspiration to me.  I may not say it but I do listen to you.  You did and still have this quiet tone about you that I can’t explain.


I want to thank you for loving your nephews and niece so much.  I remember Melinda was so adamant about buying Miles his first Easter outfit and my mother-in-law purchasing those white hard-bottom shoes.  Cole wore the same outfit two years later with a new pair of white hard-bottom shoes.  The 2 pictures are still hanging on their dad’s living room wall.  Melinda, you have been the best sister in-law and friend.  Thanks for traveling to every state we have ever lived in.  Now, we are in Alabama and it is so nice to see you and my nephew so often.  This is your recognition Thursday.

Love you!


Until next Thursday




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