Be yourself; you are wonderfully made

If someone gives us a compliment, saying ‘thank you’ seems to be difficult for some.

I complimented a young lady at my job on her outfit.  She was looking so fly.  She did reply thanks but had to let me know that she bought the outfit from a thrift store.  She said she loves thrifting which I think is awesome; however, I got the feeling she wanted to let me know that it wasn’t expensive.  I really didn’t care how much the outfit cost; I just liked it and she looked cute.  To be honest, the pantsuit did look expensive.

Dressing for the job you want and not the job you currently have…preparing for an Upgrade

We have to get out of the mentality that its wrong wanting to enjoy the nicer things in life.  If her pantsuit cost $100, that’s okay.  It’s okay to shop at a store that is more expensive than the average retail stores you frequent.  Having the desire to upgrade, is putting yourself first and being okay with doing so.  Why should we feel guilty for wanting more out of life? Why?  That person sitting in FIRST CLASS on the airplane isn’t giving it a second thought that he/she is sitting in a more roomier seat than you will be once you walk 25 seats back.  As the curtain closes to the FIRST CLASS section, do you ever wish you were sitting in front of those curtains?  To be honest, I do.  God wants us to have the desires of our hearts.  Why is it so hard to spend that extra $75 for the better seat?  Deep down, the reason is because I don’t want to seem better than the next person.  NOTE: WRONG thinking!  The desires of the heart is just wanting more not to be better than the next person.  Why shouldn’t we all have more leg room or arm room for that two-hour flight?  Sometimes for me it’s about the experience.  It’s about trying something different.


I hear so many of us say:

  1. I will never buy this or that
  2. I will never spend that much money on a certain item
  3. I will never get on a plane
  4. I will never take a cruise
  5. I will never, never, never

Why?  Why do we put limitations on ourselves?

An upgrade is to improve, to advance, to raise the quality of and can be as simple as spending that extra on Cage Free eggs or buying that package of leaner meat.  Once we have experienced that upgrade of sitting in First Class, bought that expensive pantsuit, felt better after eating that leaner meat or the cage free eggs, my guess is going back is from self sabotage.  We have got to get away from being a limited thinker.  Getting away from worrying what someone is going to think or say because that is believing in that person more than we believe in ourselves.  “Our name will float while we’re here on earth and when we’re 6 feet under”, which was said constantly in my household has a youngster.

If you have the desire to have a mortgage, why not?  You are probably already paying rent (house or apartment) so why not want for that mortgage.  It’s okay to want for something that’s not in your paycheck range.  Pray for the desires of your heart.  Pray with good intentions.

James 4:2You do not have because you do not ask God


There CAN BE disadvantages from RUNNING FROM desires.

  • Keep you from growing.
  • Not being fulfilled
  • Miss out on life lessons

There CAN BE advantages from RUNNING TOWARDS desires.

  • Feeling of fulfillment
  • Accepting that your life doesn’t look like anyone elses
  • Being okay with sometimes being uncomfortable

The saying “Can’t miss what I’ve never had” is another common saying that’s heard so often.  Well, I don’t agree with that for real.  We often regret not following our dreams.  A few years ago I purchased a BMW because that’s what I had always wanted to drive.  I prayed and God provided.  I was ashamed to drive it to work fear of negative mumbling.  That BMW was sure fun to drive the three years I had it.  Why was I ashamed? Why was there feelings of undeserving?  Instead, there should have been feelings of being blessed because I asked and he provided.   Current Moto: If you’re going to be ashamed of your blessings, don’t ask for them.

Some of us get up daily to go to a job that we absolutely do not enjoy.  As we drive to work wishing we would have applied for that higher position but we didn’t want to leave our coworkers. Let’s go deeper and throw fear of becoming our coworker’s boss.

You are the Captain of your ship and the Master of your fate  

Speak your desires into existence.  Watch your tongue on limiting yourself.   I read this article on feeling good enough to deserve better.  Check it out.

You bring about what you think about


There will always be that soft voice “SHOULD I” or “SHOULDN’T I”.  Which voice do you normally listen to?  What’s on TOP of your list?  What is your next experience?

I challenge us to commit to our values, decide on what we want and take that leap.  

Want more, Do more, Have more


Thanks for reading and spending time!!

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading your inspiration message. It made me think about myself and the different things I have settled for because of my past. Your writing helped me to decide to reach for the stars because that is what I deserve. I look forward to more of your writing.

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