Friendship Series 2

Impact Thursday


Moving to Alabama wasn’t a plan that I was jumping up and down about.  I had several reasons for my skepticism.  My prayer was to adjust just as we had adjusted in the previous states we had lived.  Nevertheless, I had several other wives in my ear letting me know that adjusting after their husbands retired from the military was difficult.  They had stressed that civilian world is totally different.  That wasn’t really registering with me “civilian world”.   Now, I get it!  The military community is a tight knit community and welcomes you immediately.  On the other hand, the civilian community is not as tight knit and you try to fit in where you can or allowed.  Not saying that in a negative way but it’s the truth.  It’s like being initiated

Fast forward to current day.

Alabama has been fantastic!  I have met so many wonderful people that have blessed my life and the Whitlow family more than they know.



Yvette was and will always be my first friend in Madison.  It all started because Jewel wanted to go to a volleyball game at the middle school.  The love of volleyball was her new thing 🤗. We went and didn’t know a single person there.  Yvette was sitting in front of us and y’all know me; I started talking.  She said her daughter Sydney was playing so Jewel and I cheered for Sydney.

We chatted and discovered our boys were the same age, Miles and Sydney were just a year apart and our husbands were in the same fraternity.  God sent Jewel and I to that volleyball game to meet our first friends. We were living in an apartment while our home was being built.  I’m telling you the Whitlow’s were so excited that we had found somewhere to go and they even fed us great food (laugh y’all).  We didn’t care if they felt sorry for us; we were happy to get out of that apartment for just a few hours.

When I came home and told Virgil about Yvette, he was excited and said he knew I would meet someone but really deep down I just prayed that our husbands would become friends.  Well, fast forward seven years later.

A lot has happened. We are all still very close friends and so are our kids.  Our husbands are like brothers.  Yvette and I are not only friends but now she is a sister for life.


I joined the first and finest Greek organization and Yvette was by my side the entire process.  Her encouragement and motivation was definitely needed and I do appreciate her.


We share some other common interests such as shopping, fine jewelry when we can entice our hubbys to buy which we often do and just having a good time.  We are now also neighbors.  I know right, who would imagine.  I want to think that I convinced them to move next door but we compromised and they live right across the street.


Today, I wanted Yvette to know how much her friendship means to me and I’m so glad God made our paths cross.

By Jewel asking to attend a volleyball, we met some great friends who are now like family.

Until next Thursday



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