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Who doesn’t want to be successful?  Who doesn’t want to be great?  It’s not about being better than someone else.  It’s about wanting to improve one’s self.  It’s about increasing your value.  How much will someone pay for you?  I heard this profound statement.

“What we do not value, will not be valued”

It takes effort.  the definition of Effort is a vigorous or determined attempt.  Before getting started, we must figure out our ‘why”.  Knowing your WHY will determine how much effort you are willing to put in.


For example, the ‘Heath & Wellness’ industry is on the rise.  It seems that everyone wants to lose weight and get healthy.  Well, I’m telling you from experience that losing weight takes effort.  If it was easy everyone would be overweight.  It takes effort to get up early every morning to exercise.  It takes just as much effort to exercise in the afternoon/evening after a long day at work.  Wanting to sleep those extra minutes in the mornings and wanting to sit down in the evenings after work can sometimes win the battle.  Ladies are often asking what time do I get up in the mornings, what time do I go to bed, how many miles do I walk, etc.  I tell them, I rise at 4:50am, I go to bed between 9:30pm-10:30pm and I walk 3 to 4 miles  a day. I’m a tad bit tired sometimes at the end of the day.  Walking early for at least an hour is the only time during a 24 hour day that fits into my schedule.  The evenings doesn’t work well for me.  I still get discouraged because the pounds are not falling off.  Realizing that staying to the course, the pounds will soon drop off.  Each day, I try to put in a little more effort, such as, walking a little faster, eating less carbs and drinking more water and not giving up.


Someone once told me that when you lay your head down at night, if you can look back and say I did all I could to reach my goal then you succeeded.  If you can’t say that, put in a little more effort tomorrow.  Don’t beat yourself up.

I remember starting a home-based business and was moderately successful.  I was a stay-home mom so the income that was being generated was satisfying.  Unfortunately, it was time to relocate to another state (military life) and I felt that the business would not work.  I was leaving all the guidance and support that helped me get started.  I must admit that I regret not sticking it out.  I now have friends that are succeeding simply because of their effort.  The guidance and support had not been lost, it was me not tackling the fear and simply making excuses.  If a little more effort had been applied, who knows?

Patience is another BEAST to tackle.  The definition of patience is the ability to wait something out.  I can remember as a young child being asked by my mom to please wait and be patient.  One character flaw I must admit is being a RIGHT NOW self-gratification kind of girl with little patience.  I have come to the conclusion that having patience helps achieve success.

As women, developing friendships takes a great deal of patience.  We all enjoy having girl time.  Whether it’s going out to dinner or getting together to drink wine at a book club meeting.  Who really care about the book anyways.  It’s all about the wine and converstation.  Having patience with girlfriends is a much needed requirement at times.  The weight loss struggle is another one of those journeys that requires both effort and patience. We must go down new roads to eventually get to the right one.


Here are a few quotes I have read or heard that has been extremely helpful.

1.  Achievers loose what losers don’t and pay the price that others won’t.

2.  Believe to receive

3.  Stop doing the same thing and expecting different results

4.  Bring about what you think about

5.  Hold your vision and trustee process

6.  Failure is the opportunity to begin more intelligently

7.  I can, I will, watch me

8.  No risk = no success

9.  If you don’t get started, you will never get ahead

10.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

You are not alone.  We all struggle, we all want to be successful and we all have fears.


Thanks for reading and spending time!!

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