Friendship Series 3

Impact Thursday


How time flies when you’re having fun.  It is already the middle of July.  new school year is about to begin and I an not looking forward to the heavy traffic in the mornings.  As I sit here and reflect on myself and my friendships, I smile, my heart is full and I thank the Lord for all his many blessings.

This friendship series is just to recognize some important people in my life.  They not only have an impact on me but my husband and kids as well.  Why wait to let the special people in your life know they are appreciated and loved.

I feel in my heart this week that I need to recognize my sweet friend of 7 years.  She is not only my friend but my sister and my family.



Katrina and I met in 2011 at an Omega event with our husbands.  I remember us chatting a bit and I thought she was very nice.  Y’all know we were new residents of Alabama, living in an apartment with very very little personal items and just wanted to be out as much as we possibly could.  

Virgil had just retired from the Navy and 90% of our belongings were in storage until we found a home or a lot to big a home on.  I was probably thinking to myself ‘I have met another potential friend who will probably invite us over for dinner’ to help us escape from that boring apartment.  I am here to let you know that invite didn’t happened until later once we moved into our new home.  

 Katrina and I coincidentally kept attending the same events.  At every event, we chatted a little more.  I begin to realize that I really liked her company.  We talked about kids and that she also had a daughter and 2 sons.  I remember discussing with Virgil that we must be meeting some important people here in Madison.  Katrina and Cary (her husband) new everyone.  They were the elite of Huntsville/ Madison.  Of course, it was said sort of jokingly.  


As time passed, Katrina and I exchanged phone numbers and she begin to motivate me in ways she didn’t even realize.  I begin to talk and share a little more with her.  She listened and was and still is always encouraging.  She definitely became a BIG sister that I’ve been wanting.  Katrina is a sister that I can vent to, share secrets and we get and understand each other.  Thank goodness our husbands get along too.

Katrina tells me when I’m wrong while still being on Team-Arica.  She lets me know when I’m withdrawing back into as she calls it ‘my bubble’.  She gives me advice when it comes to raising my teen Jewel.  I remember letting Jewel stay an entire week with Katrina and Cary for Springbreak 2017 with no worries at all while we took the middle child, Cole, on his senior trip with friends and their families.  Jewel said she had the best time.  Thank you so much Katrina for spending time with Jewel, sharing a little of your Auntie wisdom and encouragement.


Fast forward to 2017.  I’m home from my girls trip to London.  My invitation letter had arrived.  Fast forward to 2018.  I am now a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Another wonderful chapter begins and I gained so many sisters.  Katrina and I are now Sorors for life.  Now, we have added one more special moment in the book that we will share forever.





Message to my friend Katrina

Our friendship has blossomed and I am thankful that God made our paths cross.  I adore you and honored to call you friend, family, and Soror for life.

Message to you (the reader)

Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how we became so close. We just clicked as we women often say.  I do know that I’m so thankful that Katrina is in my life.  She would probably want me to say that we both have been a blessing to each other.  


Until another Thursday



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