The Swing Dress

This is another versatile dress. I call it the swing dress. That’s probably not correct but lets go with that anyway. This dress can be worn so may ways. Never be afraid to try different styles with your clothing and accessories. Your style will probably not stay the same. We are all constantly changing and trying to live our best version; therefore, our styles change as we get older. As women, we seek to find our own personal style. Your style can be Casual, Simple, Professional which I often say is Conservative, Bold, Flaunting which is someone I prefer is not afraid to show a little skin, Polished which I say is between Professional and Confident. I could name a few more but that’s another blog post topic.

Here, I have paired with a linen blazer that has been around for a while and still going strong. This color of the blazer is fantastic and parting with it is just noe in the near future yet. Do you have those pieces in your wardrobe that parting with is just not in the plans. Wearing them every year and just just caring at all that it has been seen in pictures the previous year. It can be styled, worn and even seen differently.

Pairing with the linen blazer is a great #workwearstyle option.

I wore with a block heel to had a little more flare. Just changing your shoes can make a difference too. These block heels are so fabulous. I was surprised as to how comfortable they really are.

Added some color with accessories is another fun option. Color is good and adds a little spice to a neutral color outfit.

Awesome dress for work and after for date night or hanging with girlfriends for some down time. The goal is more bang for you buck.

I have posted some similar styles dresses for you to browse.

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