Time Together

This past year was incredible with my dad. So many years had past without us being in contact with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I thought of him often and wanted to reach out but something held me back. He probably wanted to do the same. Since he’s not here anymore, I’m going to hope he did.

No one can take that I look just like my dad. He was such a handsome man and that he knew without any doubt. laugh)

Preparing to see him last year made me a nervous wreck. As you can see, I survived.

The boys went with me to Atlanta on a visit. I was happy they wanted to go and my dad was extremely excited to talk about sports with them. They got a chance to connect a bit with him.

Agreeing to move to Alabama was a sigh of relief. He would be closer and I could check on him more often. May 1 finally came and he was now an Alabamian.

Sitting out on my back porch watching my network, Hallmark, This particular Saturday I got a phone call that would be the beginning of the worst. That call on 7.27.2019 from one of the nurses at the nursing home informing me that my dad was running a temperature was not the news I wanted hear. I figured it would be the nurse calling because he was constantly calling for them which is what he often did. He and that call button had become besties or talking on his cell phone. That man knew he could talk.

Monday and Tuesday his body was not responding to the medication so off to Athens hospital he went. Again, another phone call that had be frazzled while I was on the 9 to 5.

Driving anxiously to be by my dad’s side was all I wanted to do. The feeling of helpless ran through my body while thoughts of “what ifs” made my brain tired. The tears begin to build up while driving but I knew that I had to get myself together. Being strong for my dad was what I needed to do. That alone feeling also begin to set in as I walked through the halls of the hospital. I knew I had to have this “lost puppy” look on my face because a lady with a smile offered her assistance. I knew I was disturbing her lunch because she picked her teeth all while saying come on sweetie, I’ll help you find your dad. You can’t beat that southern hospitality.

My dad was sick. The doctor later gave the jaw dropping news that the test results revealed there was bleeding on the brain caused by a stroke. No surgery could repair the damage. It became time to prepare for what we probably all consider the worst thing ever which is to loose a loved one.

Who knew that my dad would be gone in just a week. On August 3, 2019, God called him home. My dad earned his angel wings around 8:30pm. I know he is in a better place where he has no more pain.

I was shown so much love from my family and my circle of friends which I also consider my family. They immediately ran to be by my side. When you have good people in your life, things always seem a little easier because someone is there to go through the pain with you.

It was an awesome year my dad and I had together. The 3 months together in Alabama was what we both needed. He knew that I wanted to help him and he often told me ‘thank you’.

I miss my dad more than I ever would have thought. By writing this post, was a release of this energy that I can not explain.

Hug your love ones and embrace your time together.

Thanks for reading and spending time!!

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