Bahamas Days 2 & 3

Day 2

The morning started with hitting the gym. Seriously, when you’re on vacay, the gym should not be part of the plan. No, not for my husband. He said we would feel better afterwards. Okay, giving him credit on the sly, I did feel a tad bit better. A sistah was hungry after the workout. Unfortunately, I only ate fruit because nothing at the restaurant looked inviting.

Really, now!

Should I feel better because it was the Penthouse Gym? No!

It was time to hit the beach. We took a five minute boat ride across the bay and it was a scorcher of a day. The weather was sunny and clear, however the forecast was rain and wind from hurricane Dorian. Why do meteorologists have to ruin a “happy” high. I wasn’t thinking about a storm. Sitting, relaxing and getting a 2 fisted was my forecast.

The water was absolutely gorgeous. Yes, we all had on cute swimwear. Hats and sunglasses were definitely needed and were the perfect accessories to top off the swimwear attire.

Getting your body ready for the summer is a daunting task. When it finally comes time to actually put on a swimsuit, it can be frustrating because we women never feel that out bodies are ready. We put so much pressure on ourselves. Deciding to be comfortable with our bodies and to just roll with it, is another daunting task. I think we seven ladies decided to just roll with it.

Sticking my foot in the sand was going to be my limit. I put my “big girl panties” on and went out in the water (up to my waist) and I survived. The water was clear and most importantly I had my friends John & Maureen with me. Maureen didn’t know it but if something had gone wrong, she would have had to save me because I would have been on her back in the blink of an eye.

Good friends John & Maureen having breakfast in their room. The room service was just as good as eating in the restaurants.

In my opinion, a high-waist swimwear bottom will always work. It will hide all the unnecessary flaws that needs to stay hidden.

Can you tell that Virgil was having a good time? He tipped in the sun a little and tipped back into the shade.

It doesn’t get better than Omega Men hanging

It was time for the foam party. At first we were all like “what the heck” is a foam party. We had heard of foam parties through our young adult children but for us #oldpeoplefun. We all had a ball. Foam was everywhere.

Foam Attack

All white for dinner. I couldn’t wait to put on all white and to see everyone else. I knew we all would be looking fly. All white from head to toe is such an elegant look. I decided to wear a simple white linen dress which I thought was perfect for dinner.

Simple White Linen Dress
Cary & Katrina looking elegant
Bruce & Shakira sweet couple
Shakira & Yvette
Katrina & Shakira talking important business
Shakira, Vivian, Katrina, Yvette & me
Maureen was missing

Dinner was at Kimonos Japanese Steak House. The food was good but the rice was cooked a little to long. I prefer flaky rice. Virgil had gotten in trouble but we survived the night. My husband is such a funny character sometimes, everyone knew he was in “time out” and not allowed to talk. One table had a singing cook. Our cook didn’t talk that much.

Day 3

Lets start by saying breakfast was amazing. Day 2 breakfast wasn’t that great; therefore, we decided to dine at a different place, Baccarat restaurant . I found my breakfast spot. It doesn’t bother me to eat the same thing daily. As long as I’m full and it tastes good while getting in all the greens along with some potatoes. It may not look like much but it was delicious and filling.

The doors entering into the restaurant were so unique. I couldn’t go without sharing.

The best breakfast
Sauteed Spinach &Veggies with potatoes

It’s time to take another boat ride across the waters to “Sea Island”. We were all looking forward to going. Some of the 14 stayed behind and came later which was totally fine. We all talked before the trip and if you didn’t want to do something, it was okay.

Me and My Omega Man
We all meshed so well together
Where is Maureen & Yvette?

Sea Island was another good time. I ate the veggie burger with fries both days. Now, we’re back at the resort. It’s all about the pool, laughing and relaxing. The statues just pull you in. How can a gal resist a picture.

Day three’s dinner plans was fish night. We decided to take a bus downtown Nassau to eat some local cuisine. The portion sizes were enough food for 3 people.

Eyes bigger than your stomach.


When is the last time you say a pay phone?

Day 3 was another success. We took the #10 bus ride back to the resort and the fun continued.

Another please

Stay tuned for the Final day and Saturday’s departure.

Thanks for reading and spending time!!

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