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Who doesn’t enjoy a night out with girlfriends? Also known as GNO (Girls Night Out). The conversations can get intense about topics that are mostly discussed during GNO which can also be considered therapy for us all. When you combine a group of ladies and several glasses of wine, there is no telling where the conversations will take you. Sometimes they can be mind blowing or possibly a tear session.

I believe us ladies need some type of outlet and a time to vent without being judged. The conversations can be about diet, sex, insecurities, goals, marriage, dating, etc.


Women are always interested in the new diet fad whether its losing 5 to 50 pounds. Eating healthy, feeling good and weight loss are the common goals. I read the diet industry in America has an annual revenue of more than $30 billion a year. That’s not really shocking because the internet and television is flooded with endless diet advertisements. As women, we are so hard on ourselves to have that perfect body. When canvasing our closet, nothing ever fits or it doesn’t fit to our liking. The best choice we can make is to accept our bodies and love ourselves which is easier said than done.


The topic of sex can be interesting. Sex discussions begins in high school from the giggling to deciding which boy was the cutest. Will he kiss me? Will he try to hold my hand? Did he just wink at me? The list could go on and on. As teenage girls, boys were always the topic of conversation. Now as grown women, we just want to know we are not alone on certain topics. The common questions always start with Is, Does or Has. Is your husband this or that? Does your husband like to do this? Does your husband require this? Has your husband ever? Ladies you can feel in the blank. No husband bashing but confirmation most husbands are alike. I will piggy back off my husband because he is convinced husbands have the same wives because they don’t understand us.


Insecurities could be a fragile topic. No one wants to have a lack of self confidence, anxiety or a feeling of uncertainty. No one wants to be considered the weakest link whether it’s in a relationship or on a sports team. No one wants to be known as the ‘Negative Nelly’. I know for me, I can many insecurities. I call myself a work in progress. Being grateful to have made it 48 years, is a total blessing. Yes, I see 50 around the corner just waiting to grab a hold of me. It helps me to discuss the age thing with girlfriends. Many of my friends are now 50 and over and trust they all look amazing and are embracing their life’s journey. Getting over this age thing is something we must all come to grips with. It’s happening and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Insecurity set in when we compare ourselves to others, when we’ve been hurt by a significant other or when we feel like nothing we do is right. Suggestions to tackle insecurity are to stop comparing ourselves to others, get on a path to live our best version whether it’s reading motivational scriptures, listening to audibles or just surrounding ourselves with positive like minded people while we embrace our journey.

Part 2 of Women Talk is coming.


Thanks so much for spending time.

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