Do you have Patience?

What is patience? As I sit here on the couch thinking about life and how I react to situations, patience came to mind. I began to realize being patience can be difficult. To trust God’s timing requires faith. Merely trusting the process takes discipline. Based on the definition, a patient person is someone who remains calm when immediate gratification is not achieved and embraces the moment. Well, that is certainly not a characteristic I possess.

I tend to sometimes rush into things by speaking to abruptly and reacting without assessing the situation. The tools given to me from my previous therapist was to stop, think and assess the moment which is a struggle sometimes; however, I know that being patient and remaining calm would produce a much better result.

I can recall one Saturday wanting to vent to a friend but I opted not to call her. A voice spoke to me telling me to be still and be quiet. Waiting and not calling, ended up being the better decision. I actually feel better I didn’t call and avoided acting like “Vomiting Vera” over the phone. It was a win-win for the both of us. She didn’t have to listen to my sob story and I feel better that I just waited because things turned out not to be so bad after all. Deciding to take a drive and do a little window shopping was a much better plan of action.

Practicing patience with your kids is on an entirely different level. Kids can push you to the limit. Really embracing every stage of your child’s life from temper tantrums, blank stares, rolling eyes, to thinking they’re instantly smarter when they enter high school, requires a master’s degree or maybe even a PhD in parenting.

I could literally yell every day at my kids about something. I try and take a breath and think about the situation before reacting so quickly; I must admit that approach results in a much better conclusion. Does that always happen? No! When it comes to parenting, there is something new to learn daily.

Tips I practice to help with developing patience:

  1. Give myself a few extra minutes to think
    1. Access the situation
  2. Don’t Speak
    1. Words can be hurtful
  3. Think about what is bothering me
    1. What’s really going on
  4. Take some well needed deep breaths
    1. Lower your blood pressure
  5. Don’t make it a tugger war with my feelings but instead embrace the moment I’m in
    1. Causes anxiety
  6. Drink a glass of water
    1. Cool feeling
  7. Close my eyes
    1. Helps to think
  8. Say a mini prayer
    1. Accepting the moment
  9. Ask God for guidance
    1. Looking for appropriate action
  10. Look in a mirror
    1. Identifying

What are your thoughts on patience? Is this a characteristic you have or are you a work in progress just as I am?



Thanks so much for spending time.

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2 thoughts on “Do you have Patience?

  1. Thank you so much for your good advice. I am work in progress. I am praying that I can get better at just trusting the process. Have a great day!!

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